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How To Reach

Hotel Swarn Palace Chail
Train Pics
Chail is well connected with New Delhi, the national capital and other centres in UP, Haryana and Punjab by rail, road and air.

Map to reach Chail

By Road*

(Distance in Kms)

Destination  Distance in Kms.
Ambala 161 kms
Chandigarh 118 kms
New Delhi 375 kms
Ludhiana 208 kms
Jalandhar 271 kms
Kalka 88 kms
Shimla 41 kms
Manali 364 kms
Kasauli 71kms
By Train** Via Destination
Himalayan Queen Delhi
Departure : 06.00 am
Via Chd./Kalka
Arrival : 11.20 am
Kalka Shatabadhi Delhi
Departure : 07.40 am
Via Chd./ Kalka
Arrival : 12.00 am
Kalka Shatabadhi Delhi
Departure : 05.15 pm
Via Chd./ Kalka
Arrival : 09.15 am
Kalka Express (Hawrah)
Departure : 10.50 am
Via Arrival : 05.00 am
Paschim Express Delhi
Departure : 11.00 am
Via Kalka/ Chd.
Arrival : 04.05 pm
By Air*** Arrival Time
IC : From N. Delhi to Chandigarh
Departure :12.45 pm
Arrival :13.25 pm
From Chandigarh to N. Delhi
Departure :15.25 pm
Arrival :16.05 pm
Jagson Airlines :From N. Delhi to Shimla
Departure : 8.00 am
Scheduled every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Arrival : 9.00 am
From Shimla to N. Delhi
Departure : 11.30 am
Arrival : 12.30 pm
From Kalka to Chail
Toy Train till Kandaghat & From their by local bus or taxi on hire
Local Taxi or bus available after every 10 minutes.
***Appox. distance From Hotel Lions Chail.

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